Bruce Springsteen and President Barack Obama to Release ‘Renegades: Born in the USA’ Interview Book

Bruce Springsteen and President Barack Obama are set to release “Renegades: Born In The USA” interview book which chronicles their conversations from their Renegades podcast.

The joint book will be released on October 26th through Obama’s Higher Ground in partnership with Penguin Random House.

The “Renegades: Born In The USA” interview book will feature never-seen-before pictures from Springsteen and Obama along with handwritten lyrics from Springsteen and Obama’s annotated speeches.

Bruce and Barack’s “Renegades” Spotify podcast tackled difficult questions and conversations about the fate of the country, work, and more. “This is a time for serious consideration of who we want to be and what kind of country we will leave our children,” Springsteen says. “Will we let slip through our hands the best of us or will we turn united to face the fire? Within this book, you won’t find the answers to those questions, but you will find a couple of seekers doing their best to get us to ask better questions.”

Do you have a hard time having conversions about controversial issues? What issues make you uncomfortable? Have you found a way to have hard conversations that work for you?

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