10 Reasons Why the 80’s Rocked!

The 80’s: a decade filled with wild hair, lots of neon colors, cheesy movies, cartoon characters that will live forever, and of course, the music! Here is our list of why the 80’s rocked harder than any other decade!

#10- Jelly Shoes!

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#9- Nintendo NES!

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#8- Cartoons!

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#7- Wild Hair Styles!

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#6- Fashion Trends!

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#5- Movies!

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#4- Terrible Music Videos!


#4- Awesome Music Videos!


#3- Hair Bands!

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#2- Actually… All of the 80’s Bands!

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#1- The Fact That MTV Actually Played Music Videos…!

(This just happens to be the very first music video ever played on MTV!)


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