10 Things You’re Doing Instead of Studying

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School is in session and it’s time to hit the books. However, you are most likely doing one of these instead!

Here are the top 10 things Students do instead of studying.

#10- Setting up the perfect playlist: You’ve gotta have some great tunes to get into the study mode, right?

#9- Sleeping: You must be so tired from thinking about studying that it’s time for a nap!

#8- Helping Others Study: In reality, it’s a night-long venting session about how much you don’t want to study.

#7- Social Media: “Let’s see if anyone else is studying as hard as I am right now!”

#6- Pinterest: You must make a cool new pencil holder so you’re study area is clean and organized!

#5- Cleaning: Now that your study area is clean, the rest of the room feels dusty and cluttered…

#4- Amazon: That add just happened to pop up with the exact thing you need! The add-ons? You need those too!

#3- Youtube: One videos turns into hours of cat videos very quickly….

#2- Netflix: The best thing besides cat videos on the internet. Didn’t they just add new shows?

#1- Reading blogs from Rewind 100.7 of course! Now get back to studying! 



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