26 Pictures That Prove 2014 Was An Awesome Year

Cut it out, man! I ain’t crying! It’s just…uh…dusty in here. (Hand swipes out, searching blindly for the box of Kleenex.)

Sad guy with santa hat on a sofa wiping his eyes from crying

Maybe 2014 sucked for a lot of reasons, but the good still won out. Take a look at this article on Buzzfeed: like the picture of big bad MMA fighter John Cena teetering on a teeny-tiny chair and having a tea party with a little girl. Or the teacher who won $150,000 and donated it all to her school. 26 Pictures That Will Prove 2014 Was An Awesome Year.

Warning: go find some tissues before you click here. It’s probably really dusty at your place, too.

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