5 Fun Things To Do With Ice Cubes

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5 Fun Things To Do With Ice Cubes. So, here in Utah we’re currently enjoying a 10-day stretch of 90+ degree weather. Which is why we’ve all been discovering new stuff to do with ice. Interested? Of course you are…because marinating in your own sweat is the least attractive thing EVER.

5 Fun Things To Do With Ice Cubes


1. Painting With Ice: grab a couple of handy-dandy ice cube trays and your kid turns into junior Picasso. Thanks,!

ice cream in a bag pin 0

2. Ice Cream In a Bag: 2 ziploc bags, 3 ingredients, your trusty ice and a kid to roll the stuff around for a while. Thanks, Growingajeweledrose!

shot glass made of ice

(photo credit: Juli)

3. DIY Shot Glasses made of ice, keeping the shot nice and chilly without diluting it. Plus, let’s face it: drinking a shot from a glass made of ice is awesome. Thanks,!

ice chalk 3

(photo credit: Rainbowconfetti)

4. Make Sidewalk Chalk From Ice, Reading Confetti shows you how to make fizzing chalk, rainbow chalk and more, all from ice.


(photo credit: Fun-A-Day)

5. Exploding Treasure Chests – Fun A Day shows you how to make frozen ice cubes with little “treasures” like coins and beads frozen inside. The fun part is watching the little suckers explode and foam.

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