50 Surprising Acts Without a #1 Hit

The Billboard Hot 100 had FOUR new Top 10 entries this week:  “No Tears Left to Cry” by Ariana Grande, plus “ATM”“Kevin’s Heart”, and “KOD” by J. Cole.

That’s interesting, because Ariana and J. Cole have yet to reach #1, so there’s a chance that their time could be coming soon.  Up until this point, Ariana has maxed out at #2, while J. Cole’s peak is #6, so he’s yet to crack the Top Five.

Here are EIGHT other surprising artists who have yet to hit #1:

1.  Nicki Minaj.  She peaked at #2

2.  Selena Gomez.  She peaked at #5.

3.  Twenty One Pilots.  They peaked at #2.

4.  Future.  He peaked at #5.

5.  Zedd.  He peaked at #4.

6.  Shawn Mendes.  He peaked at #4.

7.  Imagine Dragons.  They peaked at #3.

8.  Florida Georgia Line.  They just reached #2 with their Bebe Rexha collaboration, “Meant to Be”.

Those come from a story focusing on today’s biggest pop stars.

So, we did some digging and put together a rundown of 40 (somewhat surprising) OLDER acts without a #1 hit.  They are:

One Direction, Bruce Springsteen, Backstreet Boys, Missy Elliott, David Guetta, James Brown, Don Henley, Chaka Khan, Black Sabbath, Creedence Clearwater Revival, En Vogue, Bob Dylan, Babyface .

Sheryl Crow, MC Hammer, Pat Benatar, New Edition, The Pointer Sisters, AC/DC, The Clash, Green Day, Jimi Hendrix, Journey, Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Metallica, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Sting, Tom Petty . . .

The Who, Bob Marley, KISS, the Beastie Boys, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, R.E.M., Johnny Cash, the Kinks, Dolly Parton, and David Hasselhoff.


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