7 Sundance Film Festival Screenings You Cannot Miss

Aside from the hard-core film buffs, most of us like to look through the film guide from the Sundance Film Festival and pick a couple we’d really like to see. Since we’re about to be descended upon by the PIB’s (People In Black) it’s time to dig out your Frye boots and decide what’s worth the drive up the canyon.  For the complete Sundance Film Festival Schedule, take a look here.

SO many good films this year!  Here’s 7 Sundance film screenings you simply cannot miss:


1. People, Places, Things

Jemaine Clement from “Flight of the Concords” shines as a newly single father trying to raise twin daughters. (Twins? Alone? God help him.)




2. The Nightmare

This terrifying film examines sleep paralysis and shows there’s more than a simple neurological response. EEEEEEEEK!




3. The D Train

What IS it about high school that turns us all into insecure weirdos, even as adults? Jack Black commits to bringing local celebrity James Marsden back for their high school reunion-no matter what it takes.



misery loves comedy

4. Misery Loves Comedy

Actor Kevin Pollack directs a documentary about why comedians require some sort of utterly miserable background to be truly successful. Scenes with Jon Favreau, Tom Hanks, Jimmy Fallon and Judd Apatow.



sleeping with other people

5. Sleeping With Other People

I usually hate movies about love and infidelity, but this is directed by the clever Leslye Headland. It stars the likes of Jason Sudeikis, Alison Brie, Adam Scott and Amanda Peet.



true story

6. True Story

Enjoy the weirdness of a drama with James Franco as an accused murderer and Jonah Hill as the reporter whose identity Franco has stolen. Produced by Brad Pitt.



stanford prison experiment

7. The Stanford Prison Experiment

This is the most terrifying film to me-showing the ease that modern, educated people happily slip into ugly patterns of repression and abuse because “they’re in charge.” Billy Crudup plays the professor who comes up with this diabolical social experiment.


Check back tomorrow: we’ll have your complete “Local’s Guide To The Sundance Film Festival” up with all your sneaky inside tips.




(Cover photo credit: Jere Keys)

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