80’s Inspired Halloween Costumes


With Halloween only days away Rewind has put together a few 80’s inspired last minute costumes.

Are you going to be an 80’s lady (or man) or any other 80’s inspired character? Let us know! Submit a photo on our Facebook page!

Make it simple and throw on some neon floral print!

Check the D.I- Dress up time: none

Remember E.T?

How hard would it be to find a red jacket and a bike with a basket..


Be a Gremlin

We aren’t sure where to find this exact costume, but how awesome is this?!

he is still cute❤️ Gremlins 30th Anniversary #mogwai #80smovies

A photo posted by @fayemao on

Bettle Juice

So many different characters to choose from.. family costume maybe?

#nycc2015 #beetlejuice #beetlejuicecosplay #beetlejuicecostume A photo posted by Laura Ryan (@lauraryan78) on

#beetlejuicecostume #beetlejuice and #Lydia #homemadecostume A photo posted by @eveparticles on

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