A Workout Program Lets You Watch TV While You Run Outdoors By Strapping an iPad to Your Trainer’s Back

 Do you want to go for a run outdoors . . . but still be able to watch TV like you’re on a treadmill at a gym instead of enjoying the scenery and nature?

Sounds like a VERY narrow niche to me, but apparently it’s a big enough need that it spawned a business.

There’s a health club in England that’s offering a new workout program where you run outside behind a personal trainer . . . who has an iPad strapped to his back.

So if you keep up with him, you can see whatever show you’re streaming.  And you wear wireless headphones so you can listen to it too.  Plus you get to feel like a donkey chasing after a carrot on a stick, so that’s exciting.

There’s no word on how popular the new exercise program is, or if anyone’s planning to import it here to America.  But I think we’ll be fine without it.




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