Anna Faris Not Mad Chris Pratt Dating Katherine Schwarzenegger claims Anna Faris is not mad that Chris Pratt is dating Katherine Schwarzenegger. A source tells the website that she is content with her own boyfriend, Michael Barrett. “Anna’s super happy that Chris has been hanging out with Katherine, and she thinks they would make a great couple—Anna’s hoping things develop further, and she’s keeping her fingers crossed for Chris and Katherine. Anna would really love for Chris to find someone to settle down with, all she wants is for him to be happy and settled. Even though they’re not together as a couple anymore she still has a whole load of love for Chris, and she always will—because, despite their marriage not working out, he will always be the father of her son. Anna’s feeling amazing these days, she’s happier than she’s ever been, and crazy in love with Michael, the only thing that would make her life perfect right now would be for Chris to fall in love with someone.”


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