Are you using the divider at grocery store wrong?

The next time you hit up the grocery store, take your partner, and think about this! How do you use the divider at the checkout stand? According to LAD Bible, Ryan Vaughan a meteorologist (weather guesser) from Arkansas started a new supermarket debate. How do you position the divider on the conveyor belt?  Across the width, or long ways down the middle?  He says it should be the latter.

I have to say, my mind is kind of blown! When I go to the grocery store, I have never thought to use the divider at the check stand the long way, but using it to trip the sensor makes a lot of sense. However, it does waste space. In all reality, across the width is going to trip the sensor anyway, BUT anything is going to trip the sensor. I think across the width is better, because it allows you to fit more stuff on the conveyor belt.

Naturally, the comments were all over the place. Some people (like me) had their minds blown, while others thought his technique was an absurd waste of space.

Others joked about even more alternatives, like placing it diagonally, standing it on its end, or using multiple dividers to make shapes.

So how do you use a divider at the checkout stand? I’m sure it will be a fun topic the next time you go shopping!

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