Back-Up Prom Date says “YES” It Just Happens To Be Kylie Jenner

So the girl you wanted to take to prom denies you, so you ask your back-up. And the back-up says yes. Whats wrong with that? That’s what happened to junior Albert Ochoa, who showed up to his Jr Prom at Rio Americano high school with Kylie Jenner. Apparently the girl he really wanted to go with was not available. aka (didn’t really want to go with him to Jr. Prom)

You can imagine, the prom-goers went crazy when she showed up. What do teens do best?  They capture everything on social media. So I would image that Albert Ochoa’s first date choice was either jealous or happy she turned down Kylies date.

Here is a bit of video we found from that night.


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