Behold! Golden Globes Awards Bingo!

Erin here — The Todd and I love the Golden Globes Awards “best of anything” during the endless parade of statues, strange nominations, and obscure organizations determined to honor SOMETHING in the next 2-3 months. The Golden Globes–hosted by the Hollywood Foreign Press–realized in a moment of genius that allowing the celebrities to drink during the ceremony would certainly spice up the acceptance speeches.

Remember Jaqueline Bisset last year?


Or Jennifer Lawrence?


See why we love this show? Anyway, we’re live tweeting the show tonight-so please drop by Twitter and add in your two cents. We’ve stumbled on a genius bingo game to play for the Golden Globes–it’s a free interactive game from Studio 360, and you get to mark off tiles for things like: “first celebrity to say ‘well, this is a surprise!'” and “Bill Murray being Bill Murray.” Click here to get your card and get ready to play!

Behold! Golden Globes Awards Bingo!




(Photo image: Studio 360)

(Cover photo credit: アルバート~靴を撮る児)

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