BYU’s Edu…Educa…Uh…Educa-SHUN


(Photo credit: Chad Mortenson)

BYU’s Edu…Educa…Uh…Educa-SHUN. As a proud University of Utah graduate, I admit that I’m enjoying this a little too much. Chad Mortenson and friends were strolling through the preview party for the Day’s of ’47 Parade Monday, admiring the floats built for the state’s largest parade of the year. As a University of Utah grad, he took special notice of the BYU float–two cougars in a covered wagon with the statement “Freedom Faith Faith Through Educaton.”



Educaton. Could there BE a worse word to misspell when you’re advertising a university’s academic excellence? Chad gleefully took a picture of the unfortunate mistake and flashed the “U” logo to rub a little salt in the wound.



Look at it this way, Chad did them a favor. Better to find out now than on the parade route in front of 100,000 viewers. Of course, given the amount of times this photo’s been shared on our Facebook pages, half the planet will have seen this by then.


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