Halloween in July!? Retail Holiday “Secrets”!

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Shopping these last few weeks I have seen aisles stocked full of Halloween decorations, candy, and even some Christmas merchandise! This can’t be real, right? There are still 154 days until Christmas (Source, just in case you want to pin this tab and keep track…) and they are already preparing for the holiday madness! I decided to do a little research and have found a few interesting things.

Retail stores are adding holiday stuff to the shelves as early as 6 months before the actual holiday! According to various consumer surveys, 32%-47% of shoppers would ideally like to have Christmas shopping taken care of by Halloween! If there are that many people getting their shopping done early can you imagine the crowds on Black Friday if they didn’t?!

Other reasons come from pushing merchandise out at great deals before another one needs to be set. It makes sense to set up a month or so in advance, but they have taken it to the next level. Its July now, so as Halloween gets set out and sold they can clearance out leftover merchandise by October 1st(ish) and have Christmas all ready to go at a stellar price! While it makes sense in the world of retail, it still boggles my mind! Thy know what they are doing, right?

Well prepare to see glitter, candy, and tons of other Christmas stuff within the next 6 weeks or so! Maybe now that you know the tricks and the deals, you can get all your shopping done before school starts! 😉 Merry Christmas in July everyone!

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