Date Producer Wes! 10 Dates In 10 Days



Date Producer Wes! 10 Dates In 10 Days.  So, Producer Wes, our devastatingly handsome producer is single.

Ladies, you KNOW I can’t allow this to continue. I don’t know how it works in your circle of girlfriends, but in mine we do NOT allow nice, good-looking and intelligent boys to remain single. I’m sorry, this is not acceptable to me. So, we’re sending Producer Wes on “10 Dates In 10 Days.” Starting next Monday, Wes will go out on a date every day with the girl of MY choice. We’ll provide dinner, then the girl can plan the rest of the date. If you want to wander around Red Butte Gardens, go skydiving, paddle surf on the Great Salt Lake, heck: don an orange jumpsuit and pick up trash on the side of the highway for the rest of the date, I don’t care. That part is up to you.


Here’s why we love Wes

  • He’s in his 30’s, never married, never engaged, no kids.
  • He loves his family and is capable of saying “I love you” to his mother.
  • He juggles 3 jobs in radio, tv and public relations.
  • He’s just launching his own food truck business.
  • He’s impeccably groomed and uses hair product.
  • He’s heterosexual, so ladies only, please.
  • He’s nice to children and pets.
  • He’s funny and incredibly easy to get along with. (Not murdering The Todd or me after working together should prove that.)
  • He has a cool car.


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Want to try this out? Please send me an email to [email protected] telling us a little about you–your age range, what you like to do, a bit about your background, what your plans for the rest of your date would be. Please include a picture. (This is NOT a beauty pageant. I just need to picture you two together.) Girls aged 21 to 50 are welcome, Wes is open to pretty much anyone, another thing I like about him. It goes without saying that you must be single and without a serious boyfriend. Email us with your info by Friday 5.15 to be eligible for the date. It’s going to be an adventure! I can guarantee that. 🙂


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