David Bowie and Tina Turner’s Bizarre 1987 Pepsi Commercial

Tina Turner
Tina Turner | Shutterstock

Revisiting the Unique Pepsi Ad where David Bowie Births Tina Turner in a Laboratory

As we collectively honor the illustrious Tina Turner, we revisit one peculiar incident from her career – a 1987 Pepsi advertisement featuring Turner alongside David Bowie.

In this commercial, Bowie embodies a geeky scientist striving to generate a woman in his lab, paying homage to the cult film Weird Science. Surprisingly, an unintended Pepsi spillage on the contraption leads to the dramatic emergence of Tina Turner. The pair then proceed to dance under a Pepsi emblem, swaying to the rhythm of “Modern Love.” Watch the full commercial below:

Turner made her appearance in not one but three Pepsi advertisements. This list includes a 1990 duet with Rod Stewart and the memorable 1986 “We Got The Taste” spot.

Does this Bowie-Turner Pepsi ad bring back memories for you? What are some ’80s advertisements that remain etched in your memory?

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