Daylight Savings or Daylight Saving?

Sunday, we go back to Daylight Savings Time. Or, maybe it’s Daylight SAVING Time. Whatever it’s called, do you realize that there’s no daylight being saved during Daylight Saving Time?  The Earth, The Moon, and The Sun…they don’t have clocks, they just do whatever heavenly bodies want to do, whenever they wanna do it. But YOU… YOU have to change the time on your clocks on Sunday!  Why is that? Why do people of the Earth feel like they have to spring forward in the spring, and fall back in the fall? No one really knows.

Daylight Savings Clock

Some say farmers came up with the idea, so they’d have extra daylight for their crops during the growing season. What a bunch of Crap-O-LA!  Farmers don’t care what time it is. They work from “can’t see”, to “can’t see” every day. Then, some say Benjamin Franklin thought of Daylight Saving Time, so there was more daylight in the evening, and people would burn less fuel to heat their homes because they would spend more time outside enjoying the daylight and playing lawn darts, or having family fun on The Slip N’ Slide.

Daylight Savings Clock

My point here is…NOBODY knows why we mess with our clocks twice a year. And I think whether it’s Daylight Saving Time, Daylight Savings Time, Rocky Mountain Standard Utah Time, or Utah Mormon Standard Time…whatever you wanna call it, we need to pick one and go with it.

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