Epic Pinterest Fail

(Cover photo credit: Mellssa French)


Nailed it!

Yeah, not so much.  I would like to say that I’m pretty good with holiday and home decor, and Pinterest has only fueled my filthy love of my hot glue gun. But our 3 year old Zoe and I were perusing the desserts and discovered the Pink Camouflage Cake.

This is what it looks like:

nailed it 10



So yummy, right? Well, I swear we followed all of the directions, and what we came up with  was this:


cake fail


It was pitiful. The kids were eating India-style, using their fingers as pincers to scoop up the crumbles and dip them in frosting, like naan into hummus. After The Todd finished laughing at me, he reminded me that my skills were not in the kitchen. But I am not alone in my Epic Pinterest Fail. Take a look below…


Epic Nail Fail:

nailed it


Epic Kid’s Educational Wonderland Fail:

nailed it 2


Epic “The Props DID NOT WORK Fail:


Epic “Is It Supposed To Look Like That?” Fail:


“Um, Merry Christmas?” Fail:



Epic “Satan’s Trail Mix” Fail:



See? I’m feeling better about myself already!

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