Five Ways to Save Money on Your Thanksgiving Dinner!

We heard last week that Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people should only cost $48.90 this year.  Less than $5 per person, according to the American Farm Bureau’s annual study.

If that sounds unrealistic, here are five tips to help you save a few bucks this year . . .

1.  Don’t get fancy.  Thanksgiving foods only get expensive when you add things like nuts and bacon to make them more “gourmet.”  But most people don’t even want a gourmet Thanksgiving.  They want the classics.  So save money and keep it simple.

2.  You don’t HAVE to make a whole turkey.  If you’re having a smaller dinner with four or five people, you might only need to buy a turkey breast and a couple legs.  Or go with a roast chicken instead of a whole turkey.

3.  Don’t aim for a ton of leftovers.  Scale down and buy just enough food for one dinner, with maybe a little bit left over for the next day.  Fans of leftovers will hate that idea, but it’ll cut down on costs.

4.  Make it a potluck.  Have everyone bring something.  Or if you’re doing dinner, ask them to bring some wine, or make the dessert.

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