Former Utah Jazz Player Gordon Hayward BREAKS Leg Live on TV At His Debut Game With Celtics!

No one saw this coming. Gordon Hayward broke his leg in the first 6 minutes of the first quarter of his debut as a Celtic. After announcing he would no longer be a Utah Jazz player in July he committed to a  4 year deal worth as much as $128 million dollars with the Boston Celtics. His contract with the Boston includes a first-year salary of $29.7 million.

It was almost a freak accident, as if Utah Jazz fans had put a voodoo spell on Hayward. The horrific scene happened while Hayward was trying to connect with an alley-oop dunk. You could hear the horror in the announcers voice as he said “Hayward has broken his leg, HAYWARD has broken his leg” We do hope Hayward recovers soon and wish him well in his recovery.


Caution video might be a bit much to watch for some: *Warning Graphic Content*

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