You: Free-Falling From 9,000 Feet. While Having A Seizure

So, you decide you’d like to skydive. You work your way up to the big free-fall: jumping out of the plane at a galactic 9,000 feet and surge into the drop, flying at 120 miles per hour.

And before you have a chance to deploy your chute, you go into a violent seizure.


Can there be ANY WORSE SCENARIO THAN THAT???  That’s exactly what happened to 22 year old Christopher Jones, who went into a seizure  9,000 feet above Perth, Australia. The whole terrifying fall was captured by the helmet cam on his instructor, Sheldon McFarlane, who manages to catch Christopher on the second try and safely deploy the chute just as they hit 4,000 feet.

Now, I used to skydive a lot when I was in college with a bunch of crazy Norwegian exchange students. They’d sloppily hand-pack their own chutes, or forget to file flight plans and we’d end up walking 12 miles out from the Salt Flats to the freeway. But nothing, NOTHING like the bizarre confluence of sheer bad luck like young Christopher here. Be sure to watch the whole thing, your heart’s going to be in your throat.


seizure while skydiving

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