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From Bruce To Caitlyn Jenner. Maybe you’ve been following the sex-change transformation of former Olympiad (and reality show Jenner Dad) of Bruce Jenner obsessively, or perhaps just glanced at his interviews. In any case, it’s been huge news for both Bruce and the transgender community, bracing for the public’s response.



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“Call me Caitlyn.” Jenner unveiled her astonishing new look on the cover of “Vanity Fair” today-there’s a certain resemblance to actress Jessica Lange, and frankly, none that I could see to her former self. But the new Caitlyn seems giddily happy to share her new look. Todd and I got close to a young lady in the trans community this year, and the process seems more about finding the right body to fit one’s soul. This highly sexualized coverage of Jenner’s transformation makes me feel like the really important elements of becoming the right gender seem overshadowed. Either way, I hope it’s a good springboard for discussion and more understanding about the Trans community. Utah Pride Celebration is this weekend in downtown Salt Lake City, the parade on Saturday is the second-biggest in the state (after the Days of ’47 Parade, of course.) It’s a good time to develop a better understanding about the gay community in Utah and experience the kinship and connection between us all.


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