Geek Alert! The Best Of San Diego Comic Con – Saturday

Geek Alert! The Best Of San Diego Comic Con. Here’s all the big stuff from Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures today:



Kong: Skull Island: Yeah, the big news on the floor is the new poster shows how big Kong is. Honey, we know King Kong is gargantuan. The real news is that Tom Hiddleston flew back from filming Thor: Ragnarok in Australia to show for the panel and Q&A today. Thank you, God! Here’s the new trailer:


King Arthur: Like we didn’t know this was going to be incredible- Charlie Hunnam (Sons Of Anarchy) is leading up an epic cast. An epic cast covered in dirt and sweat. They’re going for realistic in this one. Here’s the brand, spanking new trailer:


Suicide Squad: I’ve been looking forward to this DC nightmare a little more than I should be. When we interview Margo Robbie at Sundance this year, she got an uncomfortably avid gleam in her eye when talking about filming this sucker. Here’s the latest trailer, a satisfying 3 minutes:


Justice League: Big fat buzz on this sucker, and since I’m in love with Gal Gadot after interviewing her for Batman v. Superman, I’m dying to see her get more screen time as Wonder Woman. Here’s the sparkling new footage:


All right, for the fanboys… Wait. What am I saying? Even I gave the fangirl squee over this poster. You’re welcome.

wonder woman



Wonder Woman: FINALLY. Her own film. FINALLY! Gal looked genuinely startled when she got a wild level of applause from everyone in line waiting for her autograph. This is the new footage from Comic Con:

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