Genesis Tops Forbes’ Highest-Paid Entertainers List


Phil Collins’ Genesis is Making it Rain

Sure, there are acts like Taylor Swift bringing in a lot of money, but some staples in classic rock are earning more. According to Forbes’ list of Highest-Paid Entertainers, Genesis tops the year-end list bringing in $230 million! They are followed by Sting with $210 million.

The high rankings of these acts are said to be due to the sales of catalog rights. Here is Forbes’ official top ten list:

    1. 1. Genesis, $230 million
    1. 2. Sting, $210 million
    1. 3. Tyler Perry, $175 million
    1. 4. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, $160 million
    1. 5. James L. Brooks and Matt Groening, $105 million
    1. 6. Brad Pitt, $100 million
    1. 7. The Rolling Stones, $98 million
    1. 8. James Cameron, $95 million
    1. 9. Taylor Swift, $92 million
    1. 10. Bad Bunny, $88 million


Are you surprised by this list? Who else should be on this list? Read more from BOB FM here.

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