Get Your Name on a Coke Can


Broadway Media and Coca-Cola have teamed up to get your name on a Coke can, for FREE!

This is your last chance to get a Custom Coke Can so please be careful in the name you select. It can be your name or nickname but please follow these guidelines to ensure it doesn’t get disapproved:

  • If using a nickname, make sure it is an actual nickname (Ben for Benjamin but not DragonSlayer)
  • No vulgar, obscene, or innuendos
  • No company names or .com names
  • Keep it to one name (No first and last name)
  • If you want more than one name, you’ll need to enter using a different email each time.

If you’ve always wanted your name on a Coke can then this is the contest for you!

Just answer the questions and let us know what name you want on your Coke and we’ll make it for you.

Enjoy a Coke on us! #ShareaCoke

*Only valid for Utah residents


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