Heidi Klum Puckers Up To One Lucky Piggy On America’s Got Talent

Heidi Klum Puckers Up to a Pig After Being Wowed by Its Performance on America’s Got Talent

Anyone would love the opportunity to give supermodel Heidi Klum a kiss but one lucky pig got the honor during its performance on America’s Got Talent. Claiming that kissing a pig was “good luck,” Klum puckered up to the porker while judges Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara looked on.

Performers Les and Nina brought their Pork Chop Revue to the AGT stage, they have been dubbed the ‘first performing pigs on the Las Vegas strip,” where the pigs balance on moving objects and jump over hurdles.

“I thought it was adorable, I have never I think seen a pig this size before, and in a weird way I want to give the pig a kiss,” Klum told trainers, Les and Nina.

Would you kiss a pig? Do you believe like Heidi that it would bring good luck?


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