Is “Teacher Bae” Too Sexy For School?


Erin here…so, I’m torn on this. “Teacher Bae” on Instagram (over 160,000 followers) went viral today for her sexy shots. Patrice Brown likes to post an “outfit of the day” kinda shot with a nice little positive affirmation on her Instagram account every day. So far, so good. As you can see, Patrice is really pretty- certainly voluptuous, and a nice smile and cute clothes.



So, why is she getting so much heat on social media? There’s a lot of body-shaming and catty comments. I can’t believe at this point we women are still body-shaming each other. Like photoshop and the fashion industry doesn’t do that for us? She doesn’t use her real name on Instagram, so there’s no huge connection between her and the school.



I think my only issue is where she’s taking them. There’s some pretty sexy shots, and I’m uncomfortable with the fact that she’s taking them in her fourth grade classroom. The combination of hot and little desks and chairs creeps me out a little- like she’s “sexualizing” the enviornment. But I don’t know…am I being a prude? But the body-shaming thing? Nononono! She is voluptuous, but being offended that she’s wearing tight clothes? Please.

What do YOU think? I’m curious if I’m off about where she’s taking the shots.

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