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It will be here soon enough, you Hallo “Weiners”, and Holiday Heroes!

I honestly believe that people, (and you know who you are), who rush the seasons and holidays are just unhappy.  They’re unhappy, perhaps even bored with the present.  Why would anyone want it to be a month, or even two..  or even three months into the future right now?  Why would anyone want it to be Halloween in September, or Christmas in October?  The minutes and days go by fast enough as it is, without help from folks who are way too enthused about a holiday, or the holiday season.  Ok, sure.. you really, really love Halloween.  Well I love my birthday in June, but each year as I get older, the less likely I am to feel the need to start getting mindlessly euphoric about it in February.  I would hate to lose three or four months of my precious time on this earth by rushing the days along, just so I can sprout another gray hair, and gain another 3 pounds,  while I get to eat some cake.

Just CHILL, you futuristic anticipators!  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even National Carbonated Beverage with Caffeine Day will be here soon enough!  Please stop pushing it!  Oh, and if I hear or see the word “Spooktacular” one more time in September, I’m just gonna SNAP!

-Jon Carter

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