It’s Barry “Freaking” Manilow!!

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It’s Barry “Freaking” Manilow!! The Todd and I have talked to a lot of very famous people over the years, actors, musicians, politicians and world leaders. But there’s a couple of people who just make me FanGirl. Really, REALLY alot. One of them is Barry Manilow, who called the show last week and in my hysterical excitement, I introduced him as “Barry FREAKING Manilow!” He liked this so much he insisted we address him as Barry Freaking Manilow for the next 30 minutes.


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He talked about touring for the last 40 years, his humble beginnings with Bette Midler and the weirdest venue he’s ever played. And you know he “Plays The Songs That Made The Whole World Cry?” Barry tells us which of his songs makes him cry. My favorite response from Barry was when we asked him why everyone from teenagers to the elderly adore him. “Because I’m fabulous.” And he kind of is. Barry Manilow is in concert April 20th at the Maverick Center, you can pick up tickets here.


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By the way, Barry married his longtime manager this week – many warm wishes for a happy life. You can hear the entire interview here

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