Karaoke LIKE A BOSS With Todd & Erin


full contact karaoke

Karaoke LIKE A BOSS With Todd & Erin this Friday at the Club at 50West! It doesn’t matter whether you sing like Josh Groban or lip sync like a laryngitis-plagued lizard – if you can bring it, we’re your perfect audience! We’re giving away free food, introducing The Todd & Erin Berry Blast drink, plus piles of other swag.


Child singing with a microphone. Funny little girl and boy isolated on white background. Beautiful caucasian model.

The Crowd Favorite wins dinner for 2 at 50West, and the crowned King or Queen of Karaoke returns in two weeks for dinner for 2, worship and adoration and maybe even a crown or…like…something. You ready? FREE admission! Grab your friends and gird your loins, it’s going to be an EPIC night.


Retro image of man singing into microphone

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