Meet The Most Expensive Mule Deer In History

mule deer 2

(cover photo credit: Len Blumin)

Meet Steve, the most expensive mule deer in history.

mule deer

(photo credit: James Marvin Phelps)

Well, Steve is our representative deer because we don’t know which unlucky buck won’t be able to outrun the high-powered scope rifle of Dennis Austad, the Idaho hunter who just bid a galactic $305,000 for a kill tag on a mule deer on Antelope Island.


antelope island

(photo credit: Matthew Peoples)

Antelope Island, you know the square of dirt I’m talking about, in the middle of the Great Salt Lake? No chance of missing a deer because…well…it’s an island. A teeny, tiny one. So, I’m thinking the man wants this be be an easy shot, you know what I mean? So, here’s my plan: I’d like to offer myself as an assistant. For $305,000, I will HAPPILY volunteer to hold poor Steve for the shot–heck, Austad could even miss and wing me a couple of times before finishing poor ol’ Steve off. For $305,000?


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