Most Hated Phone Habits

We may be married to our phones, but there are rules we must follow while using it in public!  Don’t be one of these!  Carphone Warehouse recently asked 2,000 people to name their most hated smartphone habits. Here’s what they found …


1. Loud phone conversations – Seriously, why do you have to yell?


2. Texting while walking and not looking up – It’s pretty bad when YOU pose a safety threat to YOURSELF!


3.Texting/looking at your phone while someone is having a conversation with you – Hello!  Common courtesy, people!

4. Oversharing – loud and highly personal phone conversations – I hate trying to pretend I’m not listening to your drama, and it’s hard to get any work done!


5. Putting calls on loudspeaker in public – Unless your phone weighs 50 lbs., there is NO excuse!

6. Talking to other people while on the phone – We are just as confused as your are.  Focus on the here and now, please.


7. Taking a photo of every single meal for social media – We DON’T CARE!

8. Hanging up while someone is still talking – That’s just mean!


9. Rarely answering the phone – I’d be lying, if I said this wasn’t me.  I hate talking on the phone.

10. When someone calls you, but when you immediately call back they don’t answer – Or when they are leaving you a message at the same time you try to call back and it goes to voicemail!  ARG!



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