My wife has got the Guy Gene

that is who i am

My wife has got the Guy Gene.

It started last year as I heard the lawnmower start out front as I was working at my computer. Erin got the inkling to mow the front yard. She realized the pleasure of this chore. The straight lines…the smell of the grass…and she was hooked. There was no turning back. Just to keep things lively in the neighborhood, sometimes I will go out with a lawn chair and a cold drink and sit as she mows the grass. . I’ll wait for when the neighbors walk by and point out places she might have missed followed, by me hollering “When’s dinner going to be ready?”

lawn lady
(photo credit: Kris)
This is NOT Erin. But I love this picture for some reason…

And then, one fall afternoon I heard my precious leaf blower, my leaf blower start up. Once again, she was addicted to the power. She exclaimed, “This is awesome!” as she blew the leaves to the curb. What has happened to our roles in our marriage? Sure, I cook and shop, but when we’re talking landscaping, she has entered my realm. I’m not against her expanding her horizons, but I had to set my foot down and say “no more!” when one day I caught her trying to start my chainsaw. This is a woman who is dangerous with a pair of pruning shears in our yard, much less a chainsaw. I exclaimed, “No! Hell no! This is not going to happen!”

There are some things a man cannot give up.

official man card

I’ve worried for years that there would be a knock at the door and someone demanding my “Man Card.” I’ve tried to learn to be content in our new roles. Oh, please excuse me I have to go, my soufflé is burning.

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