New Orleans Man Smashes Up Arcade With An Axe – And More

A New Orleans man is in custody after threatening customers and smashing up a local arcade with an axe.

It started Sunday at an arcade called Sea Cave, when the man “allegedly began covering a vintage arcade cabinet with stickers from a supermarket price gun” before he was confronted by workers. The man –  apparently known as ‘The Wolf’ – then returned 30 minutes later, locked the front doors with a bicycle lock, and began smashing windows.  Employees and other customers were able to escape through the back door.

The story doesn’t end there – later that night ‘The Wolf’ returned with an axe and began smashing everything in sight – doing a total of more than $50,000 in damage. WE’RE NOT DONE YET – while employees were cleaning up the damage the following night, The Wolf returned *again* and threatened them with a handgun.

He was finally arrested around midnight on Monday. The owners of Sea Cave have posted photos of the damage and have launched a GoFundMe to help cover the cost of repairs.

What’s the worst customer behavior you’ve ever witnessed?

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