Nine Oscar Randoms

1.  WARREN BEATTY and FAYE DUNAWAY returned to announce the Best Picture winner again . . . and they got it right this time.

2.  JIMMY KIMMEL says he was only paid $15,000 to host the show.

3.  On a night that the #MeToo movement was front and center, alleged rapist KOBE BRYANT won an Oscar.  He got Best Animated Short for “Dear Basketball”, which he wrote and narrated.

4.  Interestingly, the five women nominated for Best Actress did NOT visit RYAN SEACREST on the red carpet.  Some other big names avoided him, but some didn’t. Some people think TARAJI P. HENSON scolded him, but she later explained she was actually offering him support.

5.  Here’s a list of Oscar moments people were talking about on Twitter.

6.  The “In Memoriam” segment honored zombie film legend GEORGE ROMERO, and monster-suit actor HARUO NAKAJIMA, the first man to play Godzilla.  But they snubbed horror director TOBE HOOPER, even though they used a clip from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” in an earlier montage.

7.  JENNIFER LAWRENCE looked like a freakin’ giant next to JODIE FOSTER.

8.  DANIELA VEGA became the first openly-trans Oscar presnter.

9.  89-year-old screenwriter JAMES IVORY became the oldest Oscar winner.

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