Paul Reubens Pitches “Dark” Pee-Wee Herman Flick

Paul Reubens Pitches ‘Dark’ Pee-wee Herman Movie About Fame & Drug Addiction.

If Paul Reubens has his way, there will be a “dark” Pee-Wee Herman film sooner rather than later.  Reubens’ idea is to tell the story of Pee-Wee after he gets out of jail and becomes an award-winning yodeler that brings him movie stardom.  The movie would then turn into Pee-Wee’s downward spiral into a drug and alcohol addict.

So far there have been no takers on Reubens’ idea, but rumor has it the Safdie Brothers are “considering” taking on the project.
What do you think of Paul’s idea for a darker Pee-Wee Herman film?

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