Petting Zoo Employee who was Attacked by an Alligator says she’s ‘Lucky’

Four days after she nearly lost a hand in an alligator attack, a Utah petting zoo worker says she’s “lucky” things didn’t turn out worse.

Lindsay Bull, 31, was showing off an alligator named “Darth Gator” to the attendees of a child’s birthday party on Saturday when the big reptile “really bit down” on her hand, she says.

He then yanked her into the water and began flipping her over in a death roll. Fortunately, Donnie Wiseman — who was attending the party — decided to help.

“I knew that if I didn’t get in there and hold this alligator down, he was going to tear her arm off,” Wiseman says.

Fortunately, that’s all it took to get the gator to release its grip on Bull, Wiseman says. Another bystander pulled her out of the water and she was rushed to a hospital, where surgeons were able to save her hand. “I got lucky,” Bull says.

If you were attacked by an alligator, would you continue working with alligators?

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