Please Never Do THIS On Facebook Live



Todd here. No judgement here, since everything we learn here on the Todd & Erin Show is by making a truly horrifying amount of mistakes. (As seen by most of our Facebook Live posts.) But here’s your chance to look better than we do with these handy tips:


(Yes. We Facebook Live Todd and Wes’s attempts to fly their drones without
crashing them. The drones usually end up tangled in Erin’s hair like that rabid
bat from your summer cabin.)

Facebook Live Tips:

  1. Why so close? Your pores and your nostril hairs should be your own business.
  2. As much as we love you no one needs 10 minutes of your face.
  3. Find something interesting to show us- remember everything around you is more interesting than you talking into your phone. Make a plan and narrate what you’re seeing, show us a pristine waterfall , the new detailing a craft project or share a witty antidote about something that happened to your uncle Fred and a donkey while  you’re hiking your favorite trail.
  4. Just like selfies- always take the picture from above, not below because no one wants to look like Jabba the hut. (Unless it’s intentional, like our cover photo. Then it’s adorable)
  5. Whining and moaning not a good thing. Remember that these recordings will last forever. Here’s my rule: just imagine that all your recordings on Facebook will be shown at your funeral.

Show us your stuff, your hopes your dreams your visions and save the wailing and whining for late-night phone call with a friend.

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