Quiet Santa: Your Gift For Kids With Sensory Processing Disorders

My dear parents of kids with Sensory Processing Disorders: Quiet Santa is back!! Please share this info with other parents who could use this.

One out of five kids here in Utah have sensory issues–autism, ADHD, and so many more. These families never end up getting a picture with Santa because the kiddos just can’t take all the stimulation at the mall: moving escalators, crowds, loud music, water features, long lines…it’s just too hard.


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Quiet Santa gives your kiddo–and your whole family–a chance to come in before the Gateway Mall in downtown Salt Lake City is open. They can color a picture, eat a candy cane, then see a Quiet Santa and Mrs. Claus who won’t boom “HO HO HO!!!” and scare the crap out of them. You get your picture with Santa, your kiddo has a nice time–it’s wonderful! We’ll block out 15 minutes per child to give them a chance to feel ready for Santa.

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When Todd and I did this last year, it was the most beautiful thing I’ve witnessed. Parents cried because their little people were beaming and chatting with Santa.  One mother gasped when her son hugged Santa and had a nice conversation: it was the first time he’d spoken in over 6 years. The service is FREE, and you are welcome to take as many pictures as you like. Since the Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum is hosting us, they’re even giving out passes for the amazing new sensory-enrichment room at the children’s museum! We’re holding sessions at the Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum at Gateway Mall in Salt Lake City on Saturday, Sunday and Monday December 20-22nd.  Times range from mid-morning to afternoon.

Click here to learn more and sign up your child for a meeting with Quiet Santa…and equally quiet Mrs. Claus. Quiet Santa: your gift for kids with Sensory Processing Disorders

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