Remember How Hot Spandau Ballet Was? They’re Back & They’re Still Hot



I still remember my first slow dance with a cute boy in Junior High School–holding sweaty hands and rocking back and forth to “True” from Spandau Ballet. (Yes, Virginia, “True” was an actual hit before it turned into your Saturday night go-to Karaoke staple.)  So romantic!  And awkward, but most things are at that age. The guys in Spandau Ballet were sooo handsome! Now, most things 30 years later don’t age all that well. But the boys from the band? Oh, honey. They’re still insanely hot.


(Photo credit: Rachael Dunlop)

After a really brutal breakup for 20 years (picture like, War of the Roses awful) the guys got back together, worked it all out and they’re ready to go again. They’ve got a new album out (first single: “This Is The Love,” you’ll hear it at the end of the interview) and a US concert tour starting next month. They’ve chronicled their ups and downs in a documentary, “Soul Boys Of The Western World,” which releases stateside in 2015.



While posting pictures, I found one from their “New Romantic” period, which really freaked my 14 year old twins out.

“Why are they dressed like GIRLS?” asked my Zachie.

“It was a big period in the 1980’s, when bands would dress up in frilly clothing and wear makeup,” I told him.  “They called it the New Romantic style.  It was very popular.”

“Uh, huh.” Zachie said skeptically.


spandau ballet

(Photo credit: Taylor Herring)

So even if you’re didn’t dig the look then…you will now.  They’re still gorgeous.  Even better–they’re funny, sweet, admit to the flaws of the past and were surprisingly honest about everything that split them up.  Wait ’till you hear what their kids think of them now.  Have a listen to the interview, you’re going to adore them.

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