“Saints And Soldiers: The Void” – Talking History With the Stars

african american soldiers

So, imagine this.  You’re a tank commander in a US Army division.  You’re in one of the deadliest battle zones of World War II–facing the ferocious Nazi Panzer tanks.  But you can’t even eat at the same table as your fellow soldiers, because you’re African-American.

the void

The moral dilemma of these men and women who fought for our country while being denied the full rights of citizenship is fascinating to see in “Saints & Soldiers: The Void.”  Star Danor Gerald and producer Adam Abel stopped by to talk about the film and the incredible period in history.  In honor of Veteran’s Day, November 11 2014, they’re offering free copies of “Saints & Soldiers: The Void” at Deseret Book for retired and active-duty service people.  Just find your closest location here and present your military id.

Have a listen to the interview here.  Danor and Adam are utterly fascinating, plus, they get all “fan-boy” about driving tanks.  What’s not to love?

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