Salt Lake Valley Porch Pirate Returns Gifts With Apology Letter

Porch Pirate Returns Gifts With Apology Letter in The Salt Lake Valley

Earlier this week I saw a post on facebook that was shared by a friend. It was Shawn Kojima’s  post. It read “If you know this THIEF let me know. He stole packages off my doorstep! Please repost!” It was no different than what thousands of others have posted on facebook when lossing packages from their porch. But this story has a different ending. His post was shared over 400 times and apparently got back to the man that stole the packages. claims the pirate recently returned the gifts he stole from Shawn and his two daughters.  Two days after posting his story, the thief returned his gifts along with a small stuffed animal.

A handwritten letter read:

“I am writing you this letter to apologize for the scumbag move I made the other day. When ringing the doorbell, that was not my intention. I was looking to ask if your vinyl fence was for sale. I do not know what come over me.”

Shawn tells the site; “I really just hope that maybe just maybe, he may have learned a lesson from this and other people thinking of doing this same thing he did change their mind because of what this story has become.”

According to Shawn the valley area porch pirate has been caught.


Here is the original post

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