Salt Lake’s Favorite Coffee Shops

While Salt Lake may not be thought of as a coffee mecca, we do drink a lot of it here. We asked people where their favorite place to get a cup outside of their house is and other coffee-spiked questions to get to the bottom of where Salt Lake coffee obsessions lie.

Salt Lake’s Top Five Coffee Shops

5. Bad Ass Coffee Company (4% of the vote)

4. Dunkin’ (formerly Dunkin’ Donuts) (5% of the vote)

3. Salt Lake Roasting Company (5% of the vote)


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2. Starbucks (16% of the vote)

1. Beans and Brews (26% of the vote)

We also asked Salt Lakers why they go to a coffee shop rather than just enjoy at it home. The beverage on its own seems to be enough to get people to leave the house. 71% of responders told us that it’s “the coffee, stupid” as their main reason for heading out of the house. Others told us that meeting with friends, peace & quiet (something I have rarely found in any of the coffee shops I’ve spent time in), and doing homework were the other comforts found at the java house.


Salt Lake loves medium roast (39%) mostly, followed by dark or full roast (33%), espresso, and light roast.

When asked about what their favorite coffee drink is, 16% told us black coffee does the trick followed by lattes (13%), coffee with sugar or milk (12%), mocha (11%), and ice coffee rounded out the top five with (10%).

How much coffee we drink seems rather moderate with a quarter of responders told us they drink five to seven cups a week and 20% of you told us you down fourteen or more cups a week!!



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