Shave Ice!

Jon Carter

Shave Ice!

Now that summer is here across The Wasatch Front, and now that the heat is on, shave ice stands are popping up all over.

What you need to know, is that “Shave Ice” is being used incorrectly. It should be called “Shaved Ice”, because when you shave ice.. it becomes shaved ice. If you call it Shave Ice.. to me that indicates that you can go in and shave the ice yourself. Shave Ice: it sounds like ice, which is waiting to be shaved, or shaven.

Now, if you have a shave ice stand, your sign out front should read “Shave Ice! Come in and Self-Shave The Ice”. “Shave” is a verb meaning to cut a thin slice from the surface of something. “Shaved” is the past tense of “Shave” meaning it’s already been cut, or shaved off. So, if you’re calling it “Shave Ice”, the ice is still not shaved.. it’s just ice which has yet to be shaved or shaven.
But here’s what I say. Whether it’s Shave Ice, or Shaved Ice, call it what it really is… a Snow Cone. Snow Cone.

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