She makes a house a home!

My wife, my love…my forever partner, Cidny does so much for me.

My wife, my love…my forever partner, Cidny does so much for me. There’s not enough space here to tell you how much. All that aside, it’s the little things she does in our home that always amaze me! And I should tell her that more often.

I know our kids notice. Carson, who is almost 20, and up at Weber State now, he loves to come home on weekends. And not just to bring his dirty laundry. Just last weekend, he said “…mom, I just love ❤️ to come home, even if it’s only for a couple days”. Quinton, who is 22, and lives in downtown Salt Lake City feels the same way. Although he doesn’t come out and say it, I’m pretty sure he notices the framed white outline of his sister’s hand when she was little, inside of a red heart that says “Love” around Valentine’s Day, or all the Easter Bunnies, taking up space on the fireplace mantle when spring arrives, and Christmas…! Oh Christmas! Cidny uses every nook and every cranny of our home starting the day after Thanksgiving to make our home colorful and festive. Certainly, Eden, Carson, and Quinton couldn’t overlook 4, sometimes 5 Christmas trees, not to mention the rest of the trappings of the season.

With such a long winter along the Wasatch Front, and most likely a short spring, Cidny’s next move will probably be an array of indoor and outdoor 4th of July trim. Every year just before that, I wonder how she’ll decorate for my birthday in June. Making things pretty is quite an art, and I’ve never known anyone who’s better at it. Just know that it never goes unnoticed.

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