St. Patrick’s Day Parade Madness – Rewind 100.7

Were you at the Salt Lake City St. Patrick’s Day Parade at the Gateway Mall Saturday? If so, we’ve likely got your picture here in our slideshow. The true beauty of Salt Lake’s St. Paddy’s Day festivities is that everyone participates-some of the best costumes aren’t seen on the floats, but in the bellowing crowds.  Here’s some of our favorite photos of the day…


Special thanks to the wonderful fellas at Ken Garff VW Orem, who lent us this SWEET red VW EOS to drive-we took it up from Orem on I-15, and this thing flies like a bat of out H-E-double hockeysticks. You should really test-drive this sucker.


The fabulous Jammy Dodger from the Derby Girls…


All the Salt Lake Mayoral candidates were out in force…Ben McAdams, and Luke Garrott were also green and present.


The Confederate Veterans showed in force…


The SHRINERS!  The Shriners and their sweet little clown cars!!!


Erin here–I’m married to THIS. I SO scored…


The Todd could not stop wondering where they put the radiator on this vintage fire truck. Like, he’s STILL wondering.


Our handsome driver, Chance.


All the cute Baes were out today…


The Handsome Lads of Rewind 100.7–the hot number to the right is our new morning show producer, Wes. He’s single, ladies!!


How CUTE are the girls from the Irish Harp Dancers? Bonus points for photo bomb…


Thanks to Thelma Rother, taking pictures of us taking pictures of you taking pictures of us taking pictures of you…this could go on for a while, see if you can find yourself below…and thanks for the love today!

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