Steve-O From “Jackass” – Unhinged, But Really Sort Of Adorable

Steve-O Todd and Erin

I almost hate interviewing celebrities I like. If they’re whiney little Entitled Princesses (don’t get me started on a certain Big Action Star we interviewed who couldn’t stop complaining about a “substandard inflight meal”) you just want to cut the interview short and spend the rest of the air time mocking at them. So, we braced ourselves when Steve-O (from MTV Jackass fame) stopped by to chat this morning because he’s performing at Wiseguys Comedy Club this weekend.  You’re expecting a hellish cross of brain-dead Daryl Dixon from Walking Dead and Billy Bob Thornton circa Bad Santa, right?

steveos ostrich

He’s adorable.  I’m not joking.  You expect projectile vomit and maybe setting his head on fire, but no.  He sipped green tea and told us about his rescue puppies.  Steve-O’s actually from a wealthy family, raised internationally and speaks 3 languages.  He’s smart, sweet, and nearly makes it through our interview before his frat-boy soul bursts through.  It’s a fascinating chat, but be warned, it IS Steve-O, so there’s naughty bits.  Especially the tattoo discussion, which despite my best efforts spirals horribly out of control.  Have a listen here.

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