The 10 Most Painful Places to Get a Tattoo!

Lately I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo. After I read this, not gonna lie, I’m a little chicken! There’s a tattoo artist in Cincinnati named Andy Eschenbach who works at a place called the Flying Tiger, and he just listed the body parts where clients complain about the most pain.

Here are the 10 spots where it’s most painful to get a tattoo, from top to bottom:

1.  Head.

2.  Face.

3.  Sternum.

4.  Hand . . . especially your palm.

5.  Elbow . . . although a surprising number of people also DON’T feel much pain there.

6.  Ribcage and stomach.

7.  Butt cheeks . . . because the padding doesn’t really help.

8.  Inner thigh and knee.

9.  Ankle.

10.  Foot.

That doesn’t leave much.  So the places where people feel the LEAST pain are the arms, lower legs, and shoulders.

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