The Cast of Disney’s Lion King 2019 Has Been Announced

Lion King 2019

We are super excited to watch the new continuing story of The Lion King. Disney announced yesterday the full cast of the new Lion King to be released in Summer of 2019.

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Let’s look at some of the cast of the new Lion King movie to be release in 2019, and what projects they have been working on before getting their roll in the new movie.

We can’t wait to watch the final product


James Earl Jones returns as the magnificent Mufasa. It will have been 25 years since he last voiced the character, it will be great to hear his amazing deep strong voice.


Donald Glover has been rapidly going up the ranks of TV and music for years. He will be playing the Roll of Simba.


Here He is in Community


Glover is known as Childish Gambino in the music scene




Beyonce will play the roll of NALA, and it wont be her first rodeo playing an animated character.



Chiwetel Ejiofor is best known for playing Solomon in 12 Years a Slave, he will play the evil Scar in the upcoming Lion King.



Alfre Woodard will play Sarabi and we was last in Captain America: Civil War, Luke Cage, and many more great movies.


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